BMW M3 Challenge

BMW M3 Challenge 1.0

This is the official video game for BMW's M3 coupe
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The video games industry is one of the largest entertainment industries there is. Noticing this, BMW's marketing machine tried to use it as an advantage. Allied with 10Tacle Studios, they came up with a free game that features the new BMW M3 Coupe. The end result is the BMW M3 Challenge, which uses SimBin's GTR framework to present this car. As it was expected, the car is modeled as close as possible to the real thing, both in the exterior and the interior. After all, this is a promotion tool, so the package is free. You can configure your M3 by changing the paint color and the rims. Then you select either a single player mode (Test Drive, Time Trial, Race Weekend) or choose to play online and find a server. You have one track to select from, the Nurburgring, with two configurations, GP layout and Sprint layout. The multi-player is very stable and does provide some thrills. The physics and the graphics are very good even in low-end systems. This game is a bit limited in terms of choice, but in the end it is a good game and it is free.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good graphics and physics


  • One track
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